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The new R1200-Pro receiver has the 1260 MHz frequency added, providing an additional legal channel in US and many other countries.  It has eight (8) user selectable PLL lock channels, very stable and solid video reception. It is compact and it can be used with any of our 1.2/1.3 GHz antennas. (Use with high gain antennas for best perfomance.)
This is a low cost receiver with a high tech internal circuit built into a metal case which helps filter noise. The receiver comes with JST to standard barrel cable. Other power plug 
cables matching your battery connector type are sold separately - Click here 

- Eight (8) RF channels
- Phase Lock Loop (PLL) stability for drift-free operation
- Composite video, supports NTSC and PAL standards
- FM-FM modulation
- DIP switch channel selection
- Common 2.1mm x 5.5mm power jack (barrel type, center positive).

- Auto Sub Carrier: 5.5 MHz
- RF sensitivity: -85dBm (typical)
- Supply current: Vcc 250mA (maximum)

- Video Output Voltage: 75-ohm impedance 1.5 Vp-p
- Audio input voltage 10k ohm impedance  1 Vp-p
- Operating voltage: Vcc, 11V (minimum) to 16V (maximum)

- Dimension: 78 x 65.5 x 25 mm (3.7x2.9x.98 in)
- Weight: 140 g (4.9 oz)

- Accessory kit includes antenna and RCA A/V cable.

Channel 1: 1240 MHz
Channel 2: 1260 MHz
Channel 3: 1280 MHz

Channel 4: 1300 MHz
Channel 5: 1320 MHz 
Channel 6: 1340 MHz
Channel 7: 1360 MHz
Channel 8: 1360 MHz

R1200-Pro 1.2 -1.3 GHz Long Range FPV Receiver

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