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The Dragonlink became one of the most popular long range remote control system.  The version 2 better than ever with improved hardware, design and firmware! It's very easy and friendly to use.
The kit includes a breakout cable that can be used to plug in to module ports of the popular radios such as Futaba and JR/Spektrum...Already have an old Dragonlink version? No worries, Dragonlink V2 is also fully compatible with any of the previous systems.

Not only will you be able to fly FPV further than ever before, you will be able to fly safer also. The Dragon Link is a transmitter module that will hook up to your current RC transmitter and not only will it fly further, it will allow you to fly lower, in high interference areas like cities without fear of glitches and loss of RC control. Imagine being able to fly FPV without even having to think about loosing RC control, it makes FPV so much more relaxing and fun. The Dragon Link will outperform all FPV video systems, so if you have any kind of recognizable video, you will have RC control ( with a properly set up plane ). The Dragon Link is a high quality system made in the USA by experts, and fully guaranteed and supported. Dragon Link spends extra money to make our system the best it can possibly be, installing RF filters so that the Dragon Link will not interfere with your video, have a voltage protected receiver that will work with higher voltages, and many other details that cost more, and that you will not see, but that will make your Dragon Link trouble free and last for many years. We make every Dragon Link as if it were going into our own FPV planes. The Dragon Link also has PPM output so that it works perfectly in all the major Mikrokopters and Quad Copters !

We know that most people will never fly 30 KM, so why do you need a system capable of flying 30 KM? FPV planes are rarely ever perfect... Antenna placement, interference, banking the plane sharply, aerobatics, and many other things can degrade performance, and each one of these things will take a certain percentage away from your RF link. So lets say your plane is small and you had to put your video transmitter near the RC antenna, if this takes 50 % away from the range of your RC system, you will still be able to fly 15 KM with the Dragon Link, and never even notice the effects of this imperfection. If you start with a system that has the range of 10 KM that you want to fly, and subtract 50 %, your limit would be a short 5 KM. This is why its always better to have more performance than you think you will need !

Online Intructions Manual

Latest Firmware Here.

Official Dragonlink website.


Here is a video review of the Dragonlink




  • 1 Transmitter
  • 1 Transmitter Antenna
  • 1 High sensitivity long range receiver
  • 1 Receiver Antenna
  • 1 Transmitter mount
  • 1 Cable link
  • Dummy Load no longer included, (MicroPower is a new added feature that eliminates the need of dummy loads. Read Manual pg 16)

Notes from de manufacturer:

  • Never turn on your DragonLink Transmitter without the antenna Attached or included Dummy Load attached. This will permenantly damage or destroy your transmitter and will void your warranty!
  • Do not over-tighten the antenna on the Transmitter. This can damage the RF connector on the transmitter, or your antenna. Simply screw the antenna on until it stops turning. Never use force or a tool to tighten your antenna - it will not improve your range, signal or performance in any way.
  • sure you connect your R/C Transmitter to your DragonLink Transmitter correctly. Check the Radio Installation Page if you are at all unsure!
  • Calibrate your receiver for maximum range. See the detailed instructions on Calibrating Your Reciver.
  • Perform a range check before flying. For detailed instructions on how do to a Range Check, click here.

Never open your DragonLink Transmitter. There are no reset buttons, no plugs that will come loose, and no connections that can be "cleaned." There are no user servicable components or connections inside the DragonLink Transmitter - only the high probability of damaging your transmitter. If your Dragon Link transmitter does not work, chances are there is a problem with the PPM connection to the radio. If you have a problem, contact us and we will help you work through the problem. If you open your DragonLink transmitter, you will void its warranty.

The case of the Dragon Link transmitter is an important part of the heat dissipation and RF grounding system - the Dragon Link transmitter will not operate outside of its case. It is not possible to remove the Dragon Link transmitter from its case and mount it inside your RC transmitter.

The correct voltage range to power the receiver is 4.2 to 5.8 volts.  Never use a 5 NiMH/NiCD/Alkaline battery pack or a LiPO receiver pack to power the Dragon Link.  A standard 4 cell NiMH or NiCD pack or 5 Volt BEC are the best ways to power the Dragon Link. If you apply more than 5.8 volts to your Dragon Link receiver, you will burn it out instantly and void the warranty. The Transmitter module can be powered with any of the popular transmitter batteries, including LiPO's, and will operate at any voltage from 7 to 20 volts.

Dragonlink installation video 1
Dragonlink installation video 2

Note:  No license is required to purchase it, however in order to legally operate within USA an amateur radio license is required.
Disclaimer: Hobby Wireless is not responsible any damage, loss, illegal operation or changes made by the user to the transmitter will be totally the user's responsibility.




*Dragon Link V2 - Complete Long Range RC System (DragonLink)

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