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This sensor measures airspeed from approximately 2 MPH to 350 MPH. And, it runs completely standalone as a Max display sensor as well as connected to the eLogger! Includes Pitot tube.

    * Measures airspeed from approx 2 MPH to 350 MPH (3KPH to 563KPH) with resolution of approx 1 MPH
    * Power input (Standalone Mode) – 3V to 16V
    * Circuit Board: Weight 4 grams (0.15 oz), dimensions 28 mm x 16 mm x 10 mm (1.1” x 0.62” x 0.4”)
    * Includes Pitot Tube (pictured below) and approx 3' (1 meter) of small diameter silicon tubing for pitot tube
    * Precalibrated – no user calibration required
    * Advanced Temperature Compensation
    * Selectable Metric or English units

Document and Manual: Airspeed Sensor user manual, and eLogger Manual

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Airspeed Microsensor TM V3


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