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- Built-in F3 and XSR receiver module
- Built-in onboard PDB up to 6S integrate with current sensor
- Features the latest Accelerometer and Gyro technology.
- XSR receiver is a full duplex telemetry receiver, it will receive the commands of radios and send to F3 by SBUS (8CH is RSSI) to UART2 of F3, it can also send telemetry information back to radio by Smart Port.
- 8 PWM output signal lines for ESCs and Servos. Arranged for easy wiring on standard pin headers.
- OSD configuration has been included in Betaflight GUI.

FrSky Taranis X9D/X9D Plus/ X9E/ Horus X12S/ XJT in D16 mode
Firmware Upgradable: Firmware Upgradable
Dimension:60*36*6mm(L*W*H)with 30.5mm mounting holes
Weight: 14g
Operating Voltage Range: Up to 6S
Operating Current: 200mA@5V
Number of Channels:16CH(8CH is RSSI)by SBUS to UART2 of F3, Smart Port of XSR to UART3 of F3
Hardware: STM32F303 CPU, MPU6050(Accelerometer/Gyro),PDB,OSD,SD.

Package Includes:
1 x XSRF3PO Flight Controller
- 1 x XT-60 Connector
- 1 Set Connector Pins

XSRF3PO Flight Controller with XSR Receiver Built-in

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