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The PT260 mini digital metal geared servo can smoothly turn up to 260° degrees, almost 3 times the turning capability compared to the regular servos.
It's perfect for application where more than 90° degrees of turn is needed, such as custom Pan and Tilt system for cameras.
With not only one but 4 metal gears the PT260 servo can handle hard work quite well.

Note: You might have to adjust the ending points on your RC transmitter to obtain the full 260° degress.


Operating voltage range: 4.5V—6.0V
Operating temperature range: -20 to 60
Operating speed: 0.10 sec/60 6V 0.12 sec/60 4.8V
Torque: 6V 4.8V
Block up to turn electric current: 600mA
Dead band width: ≤4usec
Size: 22.5×11.5×24.6mm
Weight: 12g
Bearing material: Metal
Gear material: metal gears

1 x digital servo with servo horns

*PT260 Mini Digital Metal Servo

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