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The ProPan was designed to mount in front of small/medium/large aircraft. This system was specifically designed with input from professional FPV enthusiasts. Often too many times pan-tilt systems are built too heavy, poorly designed; with a configuration affecting the center of gravity of onboard equipment, causing failure upon a hard landing; damaging servo gears, damaging the pan-tilt entirely, as well as camera equipment. The ProPan can help mitigate these issues and still have the luxury of enjoying a 360 pan view.


  •     An Injection Molded Product
  •     Lightweight, Durable and compact
  •     360 Degree pan view capable
  •     Plenty of up and down view.
  •     Great for navigation & site seeing in Auto mode
  •     Designed with center of gravity intentions
  •     Turret gear driven (Drive and Driven)
  •     PROPAN parts made out of DuPont Zytel® 73G30HSL Nylon Resin
  •     Center pass through wiring
  •     Designed for the PZ0420M 28mm board Camera
  •     Modifiable to fit your board camera up to 32mm
  •     Tilt platform sealed ball bearings
  •     Majority stainless steel hardware
  •     Mobius and RUNCAM camera top mounted.
  •     View and record what you see
  •     Equipped with 9-gram servos – 1 Year Manufacture’s Warranty
  •     Total Weight: Only 3oz (With Servos Installed)
  •     Easily mount on an Airplane,Multirotor, Tank Robot, Boat, etc.

What’s In The Box:

  •     ProPan Pan/Tilt System
  •     Tilt Servo (1-Year Manufacture’s Warranty)
  •     Pan Servo (1-Year Manufacture’s Warranty)
  •     4X wood Screws
  •     2X Sealed Flanged Bearings
  •     2X 3mm Stainless Steel Bolts, washers and lock nuts
  •     Spring loaded linkage rod
  •     Double sided tape
  •     Spiral cut wrap
  •     Wire harness sticks on clip
  •     Servo linkages and hardware
  •     PROPAN Instruction Manual

ProPan 360 Degree Pan and Tilt

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Current Reviews: 1