FPV1013 V2 1.3GHz 0.5-1W FPV Plug & Play System (INT)

Date Added: 02/05/2014 by Trevor Miller
FPV1013 V2 1.3GHz 0.5-1W FPV Plug & Play System (INT)

I have been testing out this system with a set of Blue Beam Ultra antenna fitted. Before placing in an aircraft I set it up with a laptop as the monitor. The transmitter was set up 1.5meters off the ground and facing down the valley where I live. This gave me at least 10Kms of line-of-site testing range. The base station and laptop were able to be set up at different ranges and video stream checked. When I ran out of road at 10Kms, the video was still crystal clear and I could even hear the birds in the trees above the transmitter. All in all a great system. The transmitter does need good ventilation as it will get hot in an enclosure.
Highly recommend this system for general fpv flying. Now to find a worthy airframe to mount it into.