Long Range Remote Control Systems

Long Range Systems are designed to significantly increase the range of your remote control system.

Monthly Specials For April

JR, Spektrum Style Trainer Adapter for TSLRS V6 TX

  A high quality trainer adapter cable with a military grade adapter for connecting to the TSLRS v6 TX, and a JR - Spektrum - Graupner 1/8"...
$56.99  $47.30
Save: 17% off

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The EzUHF 8-ch receiver which supports a diversity antenna configuration, EzOSD connectivity and is no bigger than a standard 8-ch RC receiver, nor...
$123.99  $119.99
Save: 3% off

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Straight R/A Whip Antenna 433MHz SMA Male - 112mm

This is a right angle 433 MHz whip antenna with SMA male connector. Can be used for EzUHF receivers and any other compatible device. Length:112mm...
$6.99  $5.99
Save: 14% off

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DragonLink 8" inches SMA Transmitter Antenna

  This compact  8" inches SMA antenna will provide the Mid-range performance for DragonLink Long Range RC.    
$6.99  $4.99
Save: 29% off

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Rx700NR MK Reciver 433 MHz

Rx700NR MK   Rx700NR MK is a Normal Range Receiver for Multicopters designed with the benefits of easy integration,the brilliant...
$139.99  $95.94
Save: 31% off

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Long Range 433MHz RX600 Diversity Receiver

This version of TSLRS's diversity receiver is an improvement on the Rx LR 5.0 twelve channel diversity UHF RC Sysem. It features an...
$109.99  $99.99
Save: 9% off

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