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This is a service was created to international customers with large orders wanting it to be splitted into more than one package.
The charge for this service is to cover the additional costs of shipping each individual extra box, such as: labor, box, customs paperwork and addicional shipping costs.

See how it works:
By adding the service to your shopping cart your order we will ship your order into two different shipments. Eventually each box will take only 1/2 declared of the total order value.
If you want to your order to be split it into 3 different shipments, then add this service twice to your cart and your order will be automatically splited in 3 different shipments. Each box will take only 1/3 declared of the total order value.
This service is very a valuable tool to our customers where customs charges are very high.
All the splited shipment will be shipped using the same shipping method selected by the customer at the checkout.
In other words, if the Priority International Mail is selected, and 2x Split My Order Service was purchased, then all three boxes will be shipped using Priority International Mail shipping method.

Note: This service is not available for FedEx and UPS international shipping method.

Split My Order - Internanational


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