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The new TR1013 Eagle Pro Long Range System from ElectrifyRC is better than ever, it has been completely redesigned and tailored for FPV with a handful of improvements. The receiver has higher sensitivity constructed with high grade components well shieled in an aluminum case. While transmitter has new voltage regulator no noise circuit, ceramic high efficiency low profile heat sinks, high quality audio channel, runs at least 35% cooler, thinner profile, 10 grams lighter and overall better performance.

It's perfect for long range applications, (for RC models: it is recommended to install the transmitter as far as possible away from the model's receiver) Even with all this power it only weights around 1oz 30 grams .It's highly recommended install the transmitter in ventilated areas, to allow the air to keep it cool.
The system can be powered  using any DC power source from 10.5 to 13 volts DC example: 3 cells lithium polymer battery works great.

This system can easily provide 3+ miles of range by upgrading the receiver's stock antenna to high gain patch antenna.
When using a 1.2 - 1.3 GHz video system with any 2.4 Ghz radio transmitter, a Low Pass 1.2 GHz Filter is recommended to prevent harmonics from affecting your RC system.
In order to get the best results of this system, we recommend upgrading the stock antennas to better ones available here.

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Transmitter Specs:
- Available Channels:  

  • Channel 1: 1200 MHz
  • Channel 2: 1220 MHz  
  • Channel 3: 1240 MHz  
  • Channel 4: 1258 MHz  
  • Channel 5: 1280 MHz   
  • Channel 6: 1300 MHz  
  • Channel 7: 1320 MHz   
  • Channel 8: 1340 MHz   

Camera Compatiblity: Works with any Analog PAL or NTSC
Audio and Video: RCA Female PigTail
- Audio Sub-Carrier: 6.5 MHz
- Operation Voltage: 10.5-13 volts DC volts
- Consumption Current: 450mAh
- Weight: 35 grams
- Dimensions: 50x26x13 mm
- Antenna: Detachable SMA Antenna
- Audio and Video Connections: RCA Female  

Receiver Specs:
- Operating Voltage: DC 12V
- Power Consumption: 230mA 
- Typical Sensitivity: -90dBm
- Frequency Band: 1.2/1.3 GHz 
- Channels: 8 Selectable channels
- Weight: 109g
- Dimensions: 80 X 120mm
- Antenna: Detachable SMA Omini antenna

Package includes:
T1013 Eagle 1.2/1.3 GHz Transmitter with RCA cable for audio and video input.
- R1200 Pro 1.2/1.3GHz Receiver, compatible to PAL, NTSC and SECAM.
- Receiver's Audio and video output cable with RCA connectors
- One set of two 3dBi antennas
- Power Plug 

Notes: *This system can not be shipped to any addresses within US territory because it does not comply with FCC rules. Please click here for US version  

Disclaimer: Hobby Wireless is not responsible any damage, loss, illegal operation or changes made by the user to the transmitter will be totally the user's responsibility.
Avoid Permanent Damage: Before applying power to your transmitter and receiver, double check for correct polarity. Also make sure the power source doesn't exceed 13.5 VDC which will not be covered by the warranty.


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