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Don’t let the small size fool you, the BlueBeam Pro is a high performance CP antenna for your 1.3GHz which sacrifices nothing on account of its size.  Developed by antenna designer IBCrazy, the BlueBeam Pro incorporates a patent pending closed loop polyphase technology which not only gives higher gain, but also higher axial ratio than any of its predecessors. The Side Feed version offer versatility beyond any of our previous designs. Using the side fed cable to create a low profile, the BlueBeam Pro Side Feed is just at home embedded in the foam of a flying wing or mounted inside the fuselage of any fixed wing aircraft as it is mounted to the top of a multirotor frame.

Frequency range: 1240-1300MHz
Axial ratio: .94 (measured)
Polarizaton: Right Hand Circular (RHCP)
Weight: 24.8g (0.87oz)

Package includes: 
1- BlueBeam Pro Antenna
1- VAS Finger wrench

1.3GHz BlueBeam Pro Side Feed (RHC) - 13002R - VAS IBCRAZY

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