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Designed to allow for longer ranges than typical omni directional antennas, the SkyHammer is a must have for the low altitude long range flyers. The radiation pattern of this antenna is flatter than most omni directional antennas on the FPV market, and as such is not recommended for beginners or high altitude flights. The antenna can be broken down for transport or to be used as two separate MadMushroom antennas.

Gain: 4.25dbic
Bandwidth:  2250–2550MHz
Horizontal beam: 360 degrees
Vertical beam: 35 degrees
Axial ratio: .82

1x VAS 1.3GHz SkyHammer Antenna - RHCP

Skyhammer 2.4GHz V2 SMA Receiver Antenna (24007R) - RHCP - VAS

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