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The Vee antenna is a very simple construction with great performance. Its design not only allow an easy install but also can be used with made other antennas available today.
The vee antenna provides 360° coverage with a radiation pattern slightly favoring the open end of the antenna. This antenna has slightly less gain (~1.9 dbi) than the dipole and is best suited for general purpose flying.

By mouting the antenna facing the fron of the aircraft is the best suggested way for range. Mounting it sideways will give a better polarization for more aerobatics type of flight.

FeaturesTuned for: 2.4 GHz
Weight: Approximately 4g
Connector Type: SMA Male


Note: The antenna performs better with the white element syward. It's tipycally installed on vertical on the nose or rudder of the airplane and as far away from any carbon fiber or metallic parts as possible.
Any suggestions or questions regarding this antenna design, contact the developer Alex "IBcrazy"

2.4GHz VEE Antenna - V-2400 VAS IBCRAZY

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