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If you're already on 3.3 GHz band or plans on switch to this clean band, then this you got have this antenna.
Say good-bye to the stock low performer "whip" "rubber-duck" antenna, and the get the most performance our your 3.3 GHz system.
The body or steam of the antenna is flexible and bendable with high-grade cable, and unlike the other similar antennas, it will stay in the shape you bent it to.

- Frequency: 3.3~3.5GHz
- Gain: 10dBi
- SWR: < 1.5
- Impedance: 50ohm
- Direction: Omni (360 degrees)
- Configuration: 4-cloverleaf
- Polarization:  RHCP
- Connector: SMA plug
- Dimensions: 49 x 49 x 102 mm ( cable length 80mm)
- Unit Weight: 12g

Package includes:
2x Antennas

3.3-3.4GHz Skew Planar Circular Polarized SMA Antenna - (3300-3400MHz) (Set of 2) - ElectrifyRC

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