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Small and lightweight, the powerful Alerter Buzzer/LED provides important audiovisual information about your Vector equipped model's status.   Great for use when flying either FPV or LOS.


  •  LOUD multitone buzzer with programmable volume.
  • Three SUPER BRIGHT LEDs with programmable brightness, and diffused viewport.
  • Buzzer provides audible indication of errors and other events.
  • LEDs show Vector status, number of GPS satellites in view, and more.
  • Unique, programmable Inactivity Alarm serves as a lost model alarm, and alerts you if you forget to disconnect your flight pack.
  • For multirotors, LED brightness and buzzer volume can be programmed to be at highest levels only when armed.
  • Comes with 6"/15cm connection cable.



Alerter/Buzzer With LED for Vector

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  • Brand: Eagle Tree
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