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Can be executed before/after battery charged, or during battery charging process, to ensure battery pack keeping in excellent condition. Safe and convenient: it supplies instant voltage reading and indicates abnormal cell immediately. Allow Li-Polymer/Li-Fe 2-6 cell balancing and discharging. With its JST connector for external power, can measure the voltage of receiver battery. The LCD screen can show 6 cell batteries' condition. Only 3 control keys, easy single-hand control. Thermal design on the backside for ventilating and preventing overheating. Detailed instruction sheet is included. Small size and light weight,  easy to carry. Designed for Li-Polymer and Li-Fe battery,  measure battery voltage precisely and balance cell voltage in the battery pack, or discharging battery for long time storage.


  • Li-Polymer/Li-Fe 2-6 Cell (standard voltage 7.4V-25.2V using divided voltage connector).
  • Receiver battery 1.2V-12V DC (Not battery type limit, but need external power 7.4V-25.2V, use JST connector).
  • Balance voltage setting range (lower limit): 2.0V-3.9V (pre-setting value 3.3 V).
  • Discharge voltage setting range (lower limit): 3.0V-4.2V (pre-setting value 3.9V).
  • Item size: 9.3 x 6 x 1.7cm
  • Item weight: 70g
  • Color: Black

3 in 1 LCD Li-Po 2s-6s Battery Balancer Voltage Meter Tester and Discharger

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