With DJI mature reliable sensor technology, iOSD MARK II can collect precise & real-time flight data and transmit to the ground end via video link in the most clear digital and graphical expression way. It not only brings security to your science & technology experience, but also let your FPV dream get released with more joy.

The iOSD MARK II multifunctional integrated module has a built-in BEC module, when coupled with DJI professional autopilot system, video link & gimbal, it will be able to release the strong performance of the total solution for aerial photography.

The iOSD MARK II now provides Assistant Software and supports online upgrade. It has a strong adaptability and can work normally between -20?~60? without adapter. It can record the flight log and the current iOSD on the market will have flight log function after firmware upgrade.

Highly integrated and practical with a compact size.
    Support the DJI professional autopilot system.
    Real-time accurate flight data & video signal superposition.
    Support double video source input, switchable during flight.
    Remote video link channels switchable in real-time.
    Upgradable via free online upgrades.
    Built-in BEC module, support 3S – 6S LiPo.
    Can work normally between -20?~60? without adapter.

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