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The Dragon Link is a super high-performance antenna; it has an SMA male connector which can be ideal for Copters and Small air crafts. The plastic tubes are included to keep the wires straight, however, are designed to be flexible for the need of a tough landing or crash. For a better performance and longer range of 10 KM and above, the antenna wires should be straight, vertical, and mounted away from Video Transmitters, Cameras, and other noise producer devices.

For Helicopters and small FPV planes:

The top wires should be straight, while the bottom element can be suspended freely or routed flat along the copter frame. Resulting in a good performance, and allowing a longer range than it is capable of flying.

This antenna should NEVER be used in a V configuration!


WEIGHT:    6g
LENGTH:   15cm (each side)

Dragon Link Receiver Antenna SMA

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