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The Dragon Link High Power 1500 mW telemetry receiver is the most advanced RC receiver ever made.  The built-in amplifier enables it to provide telemetry for 60 Kilometers with stock antennas ( telemetry range depends on data rate used), and even further when an optional Yagi Antenna is used on the Dragon Link transmitter.   This receiver also has a built-in radio modem function to provide long-range radio modem capability without having to install separate radio modems in your plane. We did not sacrifice any features with this receiver, it has a full 13 servo pins across, and supports all Dragon Link Features.   

Weight: 30 grams
Length: 74 millimeters
Width: 35 millimeters
Thickness: 15 millimeters
Voltage: 5 - 8 Volts
Power Output: 1500 Milliwatts


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Dragonlink High Power Telemetry Long Range Receiver (1500mW)

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