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The  Cellmeter-7 is a great tool, not only is it capable of instantly checking the overall and individual cell voltage of Lipo/Life & Li-ion batteries (with balance plugs fitted) it can also give you an instant reading of the remaining capacity of the battery at the same time. The cell button allows you to check individual cell voltages. The mode button also allows you to check highest and lowest individual cells and voltage differences between individual cells. There is an additional receiver style 3 pin port for checking overall voltage on Nimh/Nicd RX batteries.

• Easy to read LCD screen
• Easy to use Menu
• Full instructions included
• Total voltage, cell voltage and remaining capacity readings for all Lithium type batteries
• Nicd/Nimh RX Voltage Checker
• Mode allows you to display highest & lowest cells and max voltage differential between cells
• Instant Battery capacity graph
• 1S~7S Lithium type cells

Dimensions: 84mmx50mmx16mm
Weight: 40g

CellMeter-7 Digital Battery Tester

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