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LM2596 Adjustable DC Step Down Only Voltage Regulator .

Input voltage :DC 3.2V ~ 35
Output voltage: DC 1.25V to 30V
Efficiency: 92% (maximum)
Operating Temperature: -45? to +85?
Switching Frequency : 65KHz
Mini Size:43mm*21mm*14mm(L*W*G)
Output Current: Rated current: 1A, Maximum: 2A(need heatsink);if the output power above 15W,please add to heat sink.

Package Includes
1x LM2596 Adjustable DC Step Down Voltage Regulator 

Note: Input voltage must be higher than to the output voltage of 1.5 V above. Can't booster
When adjusting voltage, first connect the load and power off, counterclockwise to drop, clockwise to rise

LM2596 Adjustable DC Step Down Only Voltage Regulator

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