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The ParkBEC is the smallest and lightest switch-mode BEC on the market. ParkBEC powers your receiver and servos much more efficiently than a standard BEC. As many as six sub-micro servos can be powered without worrying about an overheating BEC. ParkBEC works great up to very high voltages, and is especially suited for running parkflyer type aircraft. ParkBEC is often a necessity at 4s and above.

Many people don't realize that their ESC's BEC rating is misleading. With the linear BEC built into most speed controls, the current rating decreases as pack voltage increases. For example, several popular 25A ESCs with "3A" BECs are only capable of supplying 0.5A when running from a 3s pack. Because it is an efficient switching regulator, ParkBEC can supply its full rated current of 1.25A all the way up to 8s.
ParkBEC was carefully designed to not create radio interference. It uses a shielded inductor and optimized layout, so you can use it without fear of glitching.
The ParkBEC installs between your ESC and receiver, so you don't have to modify your speed control to disable its internal BEC. Just plug ParkBEC in!
ParkBEC is designed for use with lithium aware ESCs. If your ESC does not have a setting for high voltage lithium packs, please use the Dimension Engineering SmartBEC which includes an integrated lithium cutoff to protect your flight pack.
For best results, ensure that the ParkBEC is installed at least 2 inches away from your receiver and antenna.
ParkBEC cannot power multiple digital servos.

Product Specs
Model: ParkBEC
Specifications: Input voltage: 6V to 33.6v (2s-8s lithium, up to 21 NiMHs)
Output current: 1.25A continuous, 1.5A 60 second peak. (6 4-9g servos, 4 standard servos)
Weight: 6.2g/.22oz
Weight Without Wires: 4.1g/.14oz
5 Volt output
Universal connector fits all receivers
1.3V dropout voltage at 1A
See illustration on how it can put parallel

Applications: Parkflyers
Small 3d aircraft
Micro helicopters

Parkflyer Switch-mode BEC

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