The Servo & CCPM Servo Consistency Master/Checker is an very usefull tool to setup your RC model or simply testing your servos with precise movements. Built with an all-aluminum shell, anodized, this tool is perfect to test your analog and digital servos. It allows you control the power transfer to the servos, and to test three servos simultaneously whether they are synchronized or not ( This function is mainly for CCPM mode ). Very simple to use, by just selecting one of the 3 modes: manual, mid point/neutral (great for centering the servo arm prior to installation) and auto rotate from side to side.
- Manual using the knob
- Mid point/Neutral which will take your servo to it's neutral setting automatically
- Auto Rotate which continuously cycles the servo limit to limit.
Size: 1.9 x 0.7 x 1.6 inches 48x42x17mm
Weight: 31.5g
Input: DC4.8 ~ 6V
Output up to 3 servos at once!


G.T. Power Servo Tester

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