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The latest propeller by EMAX to take the most important aspect of drone performance and redesign it from the ground up. What can only be described as "riding on rails," the Avan series boasts a unique airfoil, based on higher advance ration design in rotor aerodynamics, engineered to maximize the efficiency and speed of 2306s motors.

Race to the Finish:

The Avan R propellers are for those needing to gain an edge against the competition. When shaving off milliseconds on corners and reducing prop wash can determine winning or to lose, the Avan R boasts an airfoil aimed to do all those things. Being the very first propeller with Linear Throttle Response, feeling in control is no longer difficult.


  • 3 Blades 
  • 5-inch blade
  • 4.3-inch pitch 
  • High-grade poly carbonate
  • Exclusive locking design in propeller hub to match RS2306 and RS2205

Package includes:

CW 10pcs 5043 Tri-Blade Propellers
CCW 10pcs 5043 Tri-Blade Propellers

EMAX AVAN-R TRI-BLADE 5043 PROPELLER 20 PCS (10pcs CW+ 10pcs CCW) Yellow (AVAN)

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  • Brand: E-Max - China
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