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Programmable ESC 20A Brushless Motor Speed Controller

Input voltage:DC 6-16.8V(2-4S Lixx)
BEC:5V  2amp
Running current:20A(Output: Continuous 20A, Burst 25A up to 10 Secs.)
Size:  36mm (L) * 26mm (W) * 7mm (H).
Weight: 22g.

1. Brake Setting: Enabled / Disabled, the default is Disabled
2. Battery Type: Li-xx(Li-ion or Li-poly) / Ni-xx(NiMH or NiCd),default is Li-xx.
3. Low Voltage Protection Mode(Cut-Off Mode): Soft Cut-Off (Gradually reduce the output power) or Cut-Off (Immediately stop the output power). The default is Soft Cut-Off.                                                       

Input voltage: DC 6-16.8V(2-4S Lixx)
Input voltage: DC 6-16.8V(2-4S Lixx)
BEC: 5V  2amp
Running current: 20A(Output: Continuous 20A, Burst 25A up to 10 Secs.)
Size: 36mm (L) * 26mm (W) * 7mm (H).
Weight: 22g.

Package Include:

1 x 20A Or 30A ESC

1 x Manual


RCTimer 20A 30A ESC Brushless Motor Speed Controller

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