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Feiyu Tech's latest version with 6 damper balls; the Mini 3D gimbal is smaller, lightweight, and offers great performance for smaller platforms and applications where size/weight and price may be an issue.

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Working Voltage 7 volts 8.4 volts 17 volts
Static Attitude Tracking Accuracy .01 .02 .05
Motion Attitude Tracking Accuracy .1 .2 .5
Overload Current Protection   800mA  
Pitch Angle -150(degrees down) 0 (degrees horizontal) +150 (degrees up)
Roll Angle -45 degrees 0 degrees +45 degrees
Heading Angle -120 degrees   +135 degrees
Pitch Following Rate 2deg/Sec   25deg/Sec
Heading Following Rate 3deg/Sec   75deg/Sec
Weight   149g (without camera)  

*Please note to check the pin out and polarity of all connections for the included cable.*

Feiyu Tech Mini 3D Gimbal

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