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Professional Propan V2.2 FPV Pan Tilt System

Introducing our second design FPV product, The PROPAN V2.2 . It  w/Head Tracking Capability was designed to mount in front of medium to large sized FPV aircraft. It can be mounted on smaller aircraft (Permitting AUW and configuration of aircraft), robots, RC boats, RC tanks. This system was specifically designed to provide a capability with Head Tracking using your favorite Goggles equipped with a Head Tracker device, the feature of Return to center, 360-degree pan view, improved tilt down view (User option to modify) while still maintaining a lightweight and durable FPV pan-tilt system. By designing the PROPAN2, we know you will enjoy the hobby of FPV.


  • An Injection Molded and PLA Product
  • Return to Center, Fully Assembled!
  • Capable of supporting your favorite Goggles w/Head tracking
  • Lightweight, Durable and compact
  • 360 Degree pan view capable
  • Improved Upper and cradle mount for more down tilt view
  • User option to modify for extended tilt down angle
  • Great for navigation & site seeing in Auto mode
  • Designed with center of gravity intentions
  • Lower mount gear box with Drive and Driven gears
  • PROPAN parts made out of DuPont Zytel® 73G30HSL Nylon Resin and strong PLA 3D plastic parts.
  • Center pass through wiring and polished brass tubed shaft
  • Peephole for preventive maintenance of drive-shaft with dry lube
  • Designed for the PZ0420M 28mm or similar FPV cameras
  • Modifiable to fit your board camera up to 32mm, front or inside mounted.
  • Tilt platform sealed flanged ball bearings
  • Majority stainless steel hardware
  • Mobius, RUNCAM & GoPRO camera top mounted.
  • View and record what you see
  • Equipped with 2 FPV Gadgets Serial# 9 gram servos – 2 Year Manufacture’s Warranty
  • Strongest Micro pan servo rated @ 3.8kilograms of torque with 6v DC
  • Weight: Only 56 Grams (Not Including Servos)
  • Easily mount on a Fixwing, Hexa/Quad, Tank Robot, boat etc.

Version 2.2 Upgrade:

  • Injected molded upper cradle mount
  • Cradle mount 10 degrees downward tilt increase
  • Belt driven: Neoprene Rubber with Fiberglass Reinforced Belt, Breaking tension 62lb per 1/8″ w, working tension 25lb per 1″ belt.
  • GT2 pitch Gears (Current PLA)
  • Reinforced bottom plate increased to 2.5mm thick (Current PLA)

What’s In The Box:

  • Complete Assembled PROPAN 2.2 Pan/Tilt System
  • FPV Gadgets Tilt Servo (2-Year Manufacture’s Warranty)
  • FPV Gadgets Pan Servo (2-Year Manufacture’s Warranty)
  • 4X wood Screws & 4X 4mmX20mm Nylon bolts and nuts
  • 2X Sealed Flanged Bearings
  • 2X 3mm Stainless Steel Bolts, washers and lock nuts
  • Spring loaded linkage rod
  • Double sided tape
  • Spiral cut wrap
  • Wire harness stick on clip
  • Servo linkages and hardware

Propan V2.1 360 Degree Pan and Tilt - Head Tracker Compatible

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