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If you don't know what to buy, ask these guys...

Saturday 19 October, 2013

If you don't know what to buy, ask these guys, they know what is best for you.
I purchased a set of video goggles with 5.8 GHz transmitter thinking I know what I was doing. I was really disappointed with its performance, even after upgrading the antennas.
Then I did what I should have done before purchasing it, contacted them and within less than 2 hours I got a response.
Making a long story short, I ended up buying a 1.2 GHz receiver and transmitter, plugged my video goggles to it, and what difference.
A big thanks to the shipping department for a super fast shipping.
Y'all got a loyal customer here!
Testimonial By: Peter Garnier — Dallas, TX


Monday 14 October, 2013

After a very bad experience and wasting my money buying FPV garbage system from China and have no range at all, a friend recommended to buy from Hobby Wireless, and I'm glad I did it.
Awesome is the best word to describe the guys from Hobby Wireless...Figata!!!
Testimonial By: Gianluca T. — Italy

I highly recommend hobbywireless if you want to start on FPV

Friday 11 October, 2013

Thank you, thank you!!!
The guys at hobbywiless have taken the time to help me to get into FPV. Even my wife is having fun flying FPV with me. She now increased the budget for my hobby :)
Love you guys!
Testimonial By: C. Russell


Wednesday 09 October, 2013

A todos Brasileiros que pretendem fazer algum pedido com a Hobby Wireless, podem ficar tranquilo pois sao profissionais que entendem do assunto.

Nao somente possuem uma super variedade de otimos produtos como tambem prestam um excelente atendimento ao cliente. Alem de oferecerem assitencia em Portugues, o que pra mim foi otimo.

Pedi um valor diferenciado na nota do envio e o pessoal proveu sem problema algum!

O pessoal da Hobby Wireless esta de parabens!!!
Testimonial By: Paulo Camargo — Rio de Janeiro

You guys rock!

Monday 07 October, 2013

I'm sure Hobby Wireless have thousands of customers, but they treated me like if I was the only customer they have.
Y'all rock!
Testimonial By: Charles Greyhound — Dallas, TX