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Don't let the low cost for the system fool you. It can out perform many of more expensive systems sold out there.
This another great option to those whom want to do FPV without interference problems with 2.4 GHz R/C radios.
The 400mW 5.8 GHz transmitter and receiver are capable to go take your audio and video wirelessly where many others transmitters can't.
The tiny pocket size receiver besides its small size, it also comes with two (2) A/V outputs to easy connect two video displays or 1x video display and 1x video recorder simultaneously.
We flew this combo with the stock whip antennas, and even so we got to go at 1.6Km (1 mile) at 500' feet high or more!
With a set of bluebeam antennas we got ranges about 2.2+ km (1.3+ mile), and using a Helical Axial on the receivers we got ranges as far a 2.5 + miles.
It's great and reliable system, with all the important features that plug and play systems must to have.
Note to use any other antenna besides the original an RPSMA adapter is needed.

Heres is a courtesy video of one of our customers using the 200mW version of this system.




Transmitter's features:
- Output Power?400mW
- High grade switching regulator.
- Built-in microphone with volume control.
- Working voltage: DC 7.2 - 12v (9 - 12v performs better)
- Camera port output voltage (will be the voltage used to power the transmitter -0.5V)
- Selectable channels: DIP switches
- Working Frequencies: 
5740, 5760, 5780, 5800, 5820, 5840, 5860MHz.
- Current consumption: ~280mA
- Digital phase-locked loop circuit, no channel drift issues.
- High quality noise filtering circuit.
- Regulated output voltage for the camera.
- Low profile circuit board.
- All Molex type of lathed plugs for safe connections.
- Dimensions:14 x 26 x 39 mm (0.45" x 1" x 1.5" inches).
- Weight 26 grams (0.9 oz).
Receiver's features:
- R5800 Dual (2x) Audio and Video outputs.
- 8 Selectable channels: DIP switches
- Working Frequencies: 
5740, 5760, 5780, 5800, 5820, 5840, 5860MHz. (Not compatible with old version receivers or AIO glasses).
- Working voltage: 8-12 VDC (runs cooler with 8V)
- Current consumption: 120mAh
- Dimensions:13 x 52 x 60 mm (0.4" x 2" x 2.5" inches).
Powering the receiver:
Connect power (8-12V) to the receiver, and then press and hold the receiver’s power button until the display comes on.
To select the channels, just quickly press the power button.


- Weight 48 grams (1.7 oz).
- Transmitter's power plug with leads
- Receiver's power plug with leads
- Receiver's A/V out cable with RCA plugs
- 2x 2dBi whip antennas
- 12 volts camera with a plug and play cable (Futaba connector type) can be added to this combo. (see below for this option).

 Note:  No license is required to purchase it, however in order to legally operate within USA an amateur radio license is required. 
Disclaimer: Hobby Wireless is not responsable any damage, loss, illegal operation or changes made by the user to the transmitter will be totally the user's responsibility.



FPV584 5.8 GHz 400mW Plug & Play FPV System (F Band)

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Current Reviews: 3

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