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The LS21-BL 2.1mm monofocal lens for 1/4" and 1/3" CCD cameras, can be used to provide an extremely wide field of view. However, the picture will have an "artificially" wide field of view with a fairly severe curvarture of the video image. Unfortunately, there is NO way to provide such a wide viewing angle without this type of distortion.
This is a fixed lens with one specific field of view. There is no way to adjust the lens focal length for a dynamic viewing angle.
Focal Lentgh 2.1mm
Thread M12 Pitch 0.5mm
Lens F.O.V. (Field Of View) chart.

1.7mm lens has approximate 170 degree field of view 
2.1mm lens has approximate 158 degree field of view
2.5mm lens has approximate 147 degree field of view
2.8mm lens has approximate 130 degree field of view
2.9mm lens has approximate 127 degree field of view (
Natural Human eye)
3.6mm lens has approximate 92 degree field of view
4.3mm lens has approximate 88 degree field of view
6.0mm lens has approximate 78 degree field of view
8.0mm lens has approximate 58 degree field of view
12 mm lens has approximate 28 degree field of view

2.1mm Wide View Monofocal Lens

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