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This module will connect up to three video sources and allows you to switch between different video sources with a three position switch at your ground station. If you have multiple cameras on your aircraft, this is the video switch you need.

Product Description:
- 3-channel switch module, adopts high speed video switch chip, effectively reduces the vibration of the video image. 
- compatible with 3 position switch channel
- Port "in" is video signal input,IN1, IN2, IN3, OUT is video output
- "-" is negative pole, "+" suspend, "S" is receiving Video signal

Technical Specifications:

  • Size: 45x18x5mm
  • Input voltage: 4.8-6v
  • Input channels: 3
  • Output channel: 1
  • Video signal impedance: 75 Ohms
  • PCB color and components may differ from the product's pictures.

    Note: When the switch is supplied with 12 volts through the A/V out port, all three cameras will be supplied with 12 volts. (Pass through)


RC Video Camera Switch (Video Switcher Up to 3 Cameras)

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