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This 8 g (0.3oz) 5 volts camera is a great option where size and weight matters.
With a 3.6 mm lens XM495 camera will give you a very fine resolution of 520 TV lines.
You will be surprised with the image quality of this camera.
It's fully compatible to any of our PNP (plug and play) transmitters.

Note: Make sure you power it using 5 volts DC.

Excellent Night vision Mini CCTV Camera
SYSTEM? PAL 768×576
HORIZONTAL RESOLUTION 520TVL move higher resolution
Exellent night vision of 0.008Lux/F2.0
LENS & VIEW ANGLE 3.6mm F2.0 / 90 ° (M12 size)
DIMENSIONS LxWxH 24mm x 18mm x (15-25mm)
(± 10%)
VIDEO OUT1.0V p-p/75ohm

NOTE: For the price, the sub-micro cameras (XM and V9 series) provide good quality image and are very lightweight.  However, if price is not an issue, you'll want to check out one of our CCD cameras (SN555, WDR600 or WDR770).  They all provide better image resolution and more functionality.




**XM495 520TVL 5V Color Camera Plug and Play (PAL)

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