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Damping installation is the key for DOS to play multi-rotor aircraft flight performance well. Otherwise the aircraft can't keep balance, may cause roll or pitch or other abnormal conditions.

This vibration absorbing mount is product by FeiYu Tech,it can be used on Fixed wing and Multi-rotors aircraft.When FY-DoS for multi-rotors control you must use it.


Installation process as follows:(You need a allen driver)

1.Use screws to install the four support columns on the baseboard;


2.Stick the solid foam pads (dampers) to the cover board four interior Angle position;


3.Stick the cover board to the DoS upper surface (LOGO character surface); you can appropriately increase DOS module weight to improve the damping effect, you can stick copper sheet or other sheet metal which cannot be magnetized on the bottom of the DOS (Otherwise the magnetized sheet metal will disturb the internal magnetic field sensors).If cannot then a coin maybe also OK as the current firmware version without GPS point hovering function the disturb is not so obvious.


4.Use screws to fix the cover board to the four support columns;


5.Stick the circular ring foam pads (dampers) to the four rounded corners on the baseboard vibration absorbing mount.Then fix it as far as possible to the position of barycentre on aircraft.

FY-DoS Vibration Absorbing Mount

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