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The RSSI Buffer is a tiny-sized accessory that is used to connect a R/C receiver's analog RSSI (relative signal strength indication) signal to the EagleTree eLogger V3 / OSD Pro system. It uses the TEMP1 input on the eLogger V3 telemetry module.
This RSSI buffer is recommended for all EagleTree OSD-Pro installations that monitor a R/C receiver’s analog RSSI signal. It is NOT used in JR/Spektrum® digital R/C receiver installations (please use part number ET-CAB-SPEK instead).
Before purchasing this item we recommend that you first determine if your R/C receiver has a analog RSSI signal in it. This will require consulting the data sheet to the FM detector IC that is used inside your R/C receiver. Installing this accessory will require advanced soldering skills and technical knowledge.
The instructions include details on how to add optional EMI/RFI filtering. If you wish to do that then we recommend our Toroid filter 0.5" (sold separately).

Specification and Features:
Operating Voltage: 5VDC (powered by EagleTree eLogger).
Current Draw: 2 milliamps.
RSSI Voltage Range: 0 - 4.0 VDC.
RSSI Input ohms: > 1 megohms (DC).
Input Impedance: 330K ohms (AC).
Size/Weight: 0.45 x 0.73 inches (11 x 19 mm), 2 grams.

Installation Instructions: Click Me!


Cable Pin-Out Information:
Operating Voltage: 5.0VDC (4.5 - 5.5 VDC allowed).
Current Draw: 2 milliamps.
RSSI Range: 0 - 4.0 VDC.
RSSI Input ohms: > 1 megohm.
RSSI Impedance: Input IN1 = 330K ohms @ 1KHz.
Input IN2 = 47K ohms @ 1KHz.
Size/Weight: 0.45 x 0.73 inches (11 x 19 mm), 2 grams.
3-Wire Cable Information
The ET-RSSI buffer is intended for use with the EagleTree OSD-PRO expander module. However, it
can be used with other OSD designs if the 3-wire cable’s pinout is observed, as follows:
Black Wire: +5 VDC
Red Wire: Buffered RSSI signal output (to OSD)
White Wire: Not Used (no connection)

Note: Common circuit ground is provided by the IN1 or IN2 signal ground connection. Please
consult the ET-RSSI’s instruction manual for R/C receiver installation information.


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