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Unified Body Design and Incredibly Durable 
Constructed with PCB board, plastic interlayer and carbon fiber frame, the VIFLY R220 is superbly strong and durable. 
The unified design with all electrical components neatly installed within the main airframe, and no wires exposed, giving it dedicate overlook, 
optical protection to the components, as well as the incredible ability to withstand violent crash. 
After many times crash testing, VIFLY R220 FPV drone is proved to be the most durable RTF racing quad.

Customized F4 Flight Controller
The VIFLY R220 M2 racing system is based on the Omnibus F4 flight controller,
with CPU working at 168MHz providing faster processing speed than F3 controller.
Coupled with the software of Betaflight, our F4 flight controller brings lower 
loop times, and better flight performance.

2205-2600KV Motors, Incredible Powerful
VIFLY R220 M2 replaced the 2205-2300KV motors with the new 2205-2600KV 
motors. The large capacity motors combined with 220mm size makes the drone 
superbly powerful.

BLHeli-S 25/30A ESCs, with DShot 600 and OneShot42
VIFLY R220 M2 adopted BLHeli-S 25/30A ESCs. 
High 25/30A current provides more power, DShot 600 provides faster response.

Tiny but High Tech FPV Camera
VIFLY R220 attaches a super compact camera with ON Semiconductor 1/4 inch high sensitive 700TVL CMOS which delivers an excellent FPV picture. 
Combined with the great sensitivity, R220 provides superb image clarity and definition even in cloudy or other weak light conditions.
In addition, the camera is protected very well from crash with rubber body.
The pilot can also adjust the camera angle freely to meet different speed.

Innovative and Dramatically Humanized Design:

  • Quick Checking Battery Level- Plug in the battery to check its current status. Then LED screen automatically shows you the battery level and lets you know if the power is enough to fly.
  • One Button to Switch Video Transmission Channel and Output Power- The humanized design brings higher efficiency and more convenience to users than other drones. Switching the video transmission channel and output power options becomes never easier than before.
  • GoPro Mount & Battery Protector- The included GoPro mount allows you to hook up a GoPro firmly. It also works as a battery container, covering it well like a natural shelters of protection against direction collision or violent bumping.
  • Creative Design to Protect Antenna- The antenna clamp on the GoPro mount is specially designed to hold tightly the antenna and protect it from releasing.
  • DVR Port for Recoding- The VIFLY R220 reserves the port for the DVR module, allowing it to support video recording and giving you the freedom of accessory expansion. Just plug it and now you can record the video onboard.

Warning Buzzer
Racing flight experience demands not only high speed but also 
advanced safety system. The warning buzzer dramatically reduces 
the drone’s safety hazard, which will alert you when low battery 
level has been reached. The buzzer will also work if the FPV drone is 
out of sight to locate its exact position.

Model VIFLY R220 M2 VIFLY R220
Flight Controller Omnibus F4, CPU 168MHz SPracing F3, CPU 72MHz
Motors 2205-2600KV 2205-2300KV
ESC BLHeli-S 25/30A BLHeli 20/25A
Gyro SPI, 8KHz loop speed I2C, 2KHz loop speed
Firmware Betaflight Cleanflight
GPS Port Yes No
LED Strip Port Yes No
Landing Feet Yes No







Size (L x W x H): 200x195x75mm
Wheelbase: 220mm
Weight: 450g (Battery excluded)
Remote Controller: Flysky FS-i6 6 Channels
Receiver:  Flysky FS-iA6B 6 Channels PPM
Flight Controller: Omnibus F4, CPU 168MHz
Firmware: BetaFlight
OSD: BetaFlight OSD
Brushless Motor:  2205-2600KV
ESC: BLHeli-S 25/30A
Gyro: SPI, 8KHz loop speed
Propeller:  DAL 5045BN / DAL T5045
Battery: 11.1V 1500mAh 35C 3S Li-PO / 14.8V 1500mAh 35C 4S Li-PO (optional)
Battery Socket: XT60
Max Battery Size (L x W x H): 90x35x35mm
Flight Time: 6-8 mins(3S) / 8-10 mins(4S)
Working Environment: 0? ~ +40?

Sensor: ON Semiconductor 1/4 inch high sensitive CMOS
Horizontal Resolution: 700TVL
Field of view: 120°

Wireless Video Transmitter
Output Power: P01 - 25mW / P02 - 200mW / P03 - 500mW
Antenna: Right-handed circular polarization
Antenna Socket: RPSMA Male
Working Frequency: 5.8GHz
Channel: Group A/B/C/D/E 40 channels



VIFLY R220 M2 BNF (Spektrum Ready)

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