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The Data Link to gives us the access to control your Multirotor remotely using a LapTop.
The Click-2-Go mode allows you to choose a point on a map, specified altitude and flight speed, then simply "click to go".
You can easily change altitude, flight speed or even change the destination while the aircraft is on route.
As a Ground Control Station (GCS), WKM Single Waypoint enables DJI autopilot system WKM the ability to monitor real-time flight state. It is an advanced feature of WKM. Including 3D map, monitor attitude, coordinate, speed and angle of aircraft, monitor signal quality of wireless data link module and power voltage for you. It is specially designed for high-end WKM users and brings you more exciting flight experience.

DJI offers 2.4Ghz and 900MHz datalink to achieve long-range two-way communication. The datalink maximum distance is up to 15km. The ground end also link with USB power supply that is convenient for outdoor using. The wireless module uses FHSS technology which is verified by FCC and CE certification, DJI datalink has many advantages such as: high data rate, stable performance, strong anti-interference capability, and long communication distance. The 2.4GHz datalink’s power consumption is 550mw and 900MHz datalink 1.5W, which is big advantage for long-distance flight mission.
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Note: No license is required to purchase it, however in order to legally operate within USA an amateur radio license is required.

Disclaimer: Hobby Wireless is not responsable for any damage, loss or illegal operation. It will be totally the user's responsibility to use this device legally and safetly.

DJI 2.4GHz Data-Link w/Ground Control Software WKM Map View - FREE SHIPPING (US)

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