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The Break-Out Board (BOB) Kit is ideal for creating professional looking cables for the popular Lawmate brand A/V transmitters. It can also be used on many other wireless video transmitters that have the popular 4-pin plug with 2mm pin spacing.

The BOB kit is un-assembled and includes a 4-pin connector and tiny PC board. Soldering is required. The PC board provides a reliable place to solder your custom cables (cables or wire are NOT included).

Despite it's simplicity, we recommend that the assembler have prior PC board soldering experience. Because the plastic connector can melt with excessive heat we also recommend using a temperature controlled soldering iron

The photo at the bottom of the page provides an example of the BOB board and where it is used on a popular Lawmate wireless video transmitter. No other instructions are provided, so please do not attempt using this item if you are not sure how to wire it to your transmitter's cable.

Lawmate Tx Break Out Board Kit

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