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This is the HS-65HB Karbonite Micro Servo from Hitec. It a very good servo to be used to pan/tilt camera system. It is considered one of the most powerful servos in the micro class, the HS-65 is offered with a choice of “shock resistant” Metal or “zero wear” Karbonite gears. The 65 series buitl with ball bearing for long life and positive centering, 31 ounces/inches of power at 6 volts and is an excellent choice for higher performance small size models
The HS-65HB, has Karbonite gears have eliminating gear lash and slop. Karbonite gears are four times stronger than conventional white resin gears, and they are less likely to strip under the shock and loads that would usually break standard gears. We tested Karbonite gears with 250,000 cycles under load and they showed no sign of wear. The result, greater reliability and control with Hitec's Karbonite gear technology.

    * Speed: .14 sec/60 degrees @ 4.8V - .11 Sec/60 Degrees @ 6.0V
    * Torque: 24.99 oz-in @ 4.8V - 30.55 oz-in @ 6.0V
    * Weight: 0.39 oz (11.1g)
    * Length: .92" (23.6mm)
    * Width: 0.45" (11.6mm)
    * Height: 0.94" (24mm)

HITEC HS-65HB Micro B/B Servo

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