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This antenna upgrade is perfect for extending the range of your LRS/UHF system.
The Moxon rectangle is essentially a 2 element Yagi with the elements bent to direct the signal forward. The advantages of this antenna is the very high F/B ratio of about 25. Unlike the Yagi which has deep nulls to the sides, the Rectangle has it’s nulls to the rear. This makes for an excellent LRS/UHF FPV antenna.
It has a good frontal sweep of nearly 180 degrees and allows you to fly to the sides of the antenna without excessive degradation of signal. Do not fly behind yourself with this antenna.
Weight: 50 grams (1.8oz)
Gain: 5.75dbi
Height: 20cm
width: 9cm

433MHz MOXON Rectangle Antenna - M-433 - VAS IBCRAZY

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  • Brand: Video Aerial Systems (IBCrazy)
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