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The first FPV flight simulator allows you to practice to your hearts content.  Choose from many different types of models (including an Easystar clone)
and even upload your own scenario by entering your coordinates and a Google earth file and the game will build a replica of your flying site! 
The simulator is very realistic and you can choose to show instruments, or two kinds of OSD.
You can even use head tracking and pan and tilt!  Just plug your head tracker into your Tx when using the simulator and it will detect it on channels 5 and 6. 
If you don't have a head tracker you can experiment by using the mouse to control the camera pan and tilt.
You can also fly the simulator in a more traditional line of sight (from the ground) view, or chase plane, etc.
Free updates will be available to download as they become available including new flying sites and models.
New released features:
-New model the quadcopter 330X-S
-Real Terrain Elevation can be easily added to scenarios created from satellite image.
Just download the elevation files from the web and the simulator will apply the elevation during scenario creation and more...

Note for MAC users: The MAC version is not supported directly from us. However, many MAC users have reported that AeroSIM RC runs fine in a MAC in several configurations.
For example, a MAC user has tested the simulator on four different Apple Mac with the USB interface. It worked fine on all, but only with Mac OS X Snowleopard. With the new Lion it didn't work.
Other MAC users have reported that the program runs fine in OS X (Lion) 10.7.1 + Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac + Windows 7 Ultimate on Mac Pro and MacBook.
It has also been successfully tested with Bootcamp (remember to install your original Mac OS install disk while running in Windows, in case of reduced performance) 


AeroSIM RC - Click here to download the latest version update

Radio Control Training Simulator. You don't have to learn the hard way!


Airplane Training

Copter Training


Game Mode


Wind adjustment with amouse click



Change Model Power, Manouverability and Response, quickly and easily



Record and Replay of flights








AeroSIM RC - FPV simulator - New Features!

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