Warranty & Returns

Important: Do not return any merchandise without RMA number. Click here to request your RMA number. Always use a safe and reliable shipping method to return your merchandise with a tracking number for your package.

Warranty Policy: All products are sold with 90 days limited manufacturer warranty, with exception of aircrafts, multirotors kits and some products where the manufacturer policy offers extended warranty terms.

It's a customer responsibility examine and test all products upon receiving them and before modifying them which may void the warranty. 
If you're not going to use the item for a while, please test it upon receiving it. We don't accept returns of Dead On Arrival items (DOA.) after 90 days.

About your project: We highly recommend doing the necessary research to predetermine if the product you are buying from us will work with your project. Unfortunately, we will not take merchandise back just because it does not work with your project or because you have mismatched brands .
Hobby Wireless is not responsible for any personal injury, damage or issue caused to other product or private property due to wrong connection, product misusage, bad contact, bad wiring, reversed polarity or product incompatibility. When connecting multiple devices it's the user's responsibility to examine and to be familiar with each device making sure their voltages, polarities and plugs are correct and compatible before connecting everything. Give it twice more attention before connecting items from different brands or manufacturers.

Returning a defective product: Click here to request an RMA number before you return your product. Each returned item returned without all the accessories that belongs to it, will not be eligible for refund or warranty coverage. i.e.. (transmitter must to be returned with antenna and cable) or (camera with lens, bracket, screws, lens cover and cable). Everything needs to be shipped back to the manufacturer.

Refund - Store Credit - Exchange: Refunds of returned merchandise are subjected to approval. Any returned defective merchandise will be inspected and tested before any action is taken. If we determine the returned merchandise is in fact defective, a replacement will be immediately issued, if no replacement is available and we can't fix the issue, a store credit will be offered, or if the merchandise was returned within 10 days of the date purchase. A refund might be an option using the same payment method used for the original purchase, minus any involved shippings costs. Also refunds for purchases paid in "cash" locally, will be only issue locally, we don't mail refunds. Refunds only applies for returned merchandise, shipping, insurance or any other "3rd party paid services" costs are not refundable.

Optional Refund for Non-defective Merchandise:  Return merchandise for a refund can only be requested if is within 10 days of the date of the original purchase. Refunds will only qualify if merchandise is returned in its original packaging with all included accessories and in perfect working condition.
Unopened returned merchandise for refund will be charged a 10% processing and restocking fee. In case of returns of opened merchandised of 25%, as they will be tested and sold as "Open Box Items" at discounted price. Also keep in mind that fees are not refundable. Hobby Wireless will not refund, exchange, or replace any claimed D.O.A. (Dead On Arrival) product that has signs of misusage. 

All returned merchandise: must to be checked by our technician before we take any action. Upon receiving any product please check, test and try it before the exchange/refund period expires. Return shipping costs will be at customer expense.
Hobby Wireless reserves the right to deny any request for refunds, store credit, replacement or exchange on returned items that was damaged by the user, improper use or with visible sign of abuse. Most manufacturers will not take products back under the listed conditions. We have a fair to protect and support our good and honest customers.

Warranty may be voided if: the item returned is found: dented, opened, broken, cracked, warranty seal is missing or violated, boards or transmitters with shrink wrap removed (exposing the components to damage), modified from the original state such as: re-soldered PCB, wires cut or removed or somehow damaged by the user will not be eligible for refund or exchanges. If you need to change/modify any product, we strongly advise testing it before you void the warranty.

Video Glasses Warranty: All types of video goggles are susceptible to damage if exposure to sunlight, and must to be avoided into the eyepieces. Burnt pixels caused by sun damage are not covered under the manufacturers warranty. An isolated dead pixels (black spot) are not covered under warranty or replacement granted after 30 days. Only display issues that affect the picture quality such as multiple pixels are covered under warranty, and any groups of dead pixels must be reported within 10 days of receipt of the goggles.

Manufacturer's Warranty: only covers failures due to defects, in materials workmanship, which occur during normal use. Damages as result of accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, mishandling, faulty installation, improper operation or maintenance, alteration, modification, humidity or liquids, or any other circumstances that are not considered as normal use and covered by the warranty,

All returned merchandise must and will be checked by our technician every Wednesday.

  • Shipping costs are not refundable for returned merchandise.
  • Contact us before you return any item, RMA is needed.
  • Returns must to be shipped to our main office address (see below).
  • We're not responsible for shipping expenses of merchandise returned to us.
  • Warranty DOA (Dead On Arrival) products will be covered 20 days for USA customers and 40 days for international customers, exceeding this period the warranty is handled directly by the manufacturer.
  • If the returned item was found defective, a replacement or store credit will be offered (DOA warranty only).
  • Please return the defective item(s) with a written note briefly mentioning the issue, the order number and returning address.
  • Replacements or exchanges will be shipped via USPS First Class Mail. Customer may choose to pay for his preferred shipping method.
  • Items purchased originally with Free Shipping will have shipping fees deducted from the refund
  • An Item will not be considered defective in cases like: interference caused from or to other devices, incompatibility with devices not sold by Hobby Wireless or improper application/installation.
  • A full refund will be offered only if the shipped item(s) is not the one originally purchased.
  • Only store credit will be issued for returned items originally purchased as Open-Box.
  • Out of stock items will not be shipped separately from the original purchase.
  • We will not accept any defective merchandise for replacement after 90 days from the date it was purchased.


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