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The Airblade is a moderate gain, high axial ratio omni-directional Left hand circularly polarized antenna designed to work as both a transmitter and a receiver antenna. 
Since it does not communicate with RHCP antennas, the Airblade is able to reject competing RHCP signals resulting in greater video clarity and range when other pilots are present.  Range and clarity can be further increase when coupling this antenna with a LHCP directional antenna such as a helical, crosshair, or pepperbox.
Also the length of the whip (bendable body) of the antenna is necessary and ideal to have the antenna free from any Fresnel zone issue. It's worth to mention the integrated baluns that play an important role attenuating any undesirable induced noise to surrounded equipment.
Bottom of line, if you want to upgrade your stock "rubber duck" antennas to better a antenna set, then you can't go wrong with the Airblade.


  • Gain: 1.5dbic
  • Axial Ratio: .79
  • SMA Connector
  • Up to 150 mph
  • Whip length: 5cm (2 in.)

Package includes

  • 2x Airblade antennas LHCP
  • 2x RP-SMA adapters included
  • 1x Right angle SMA included
  • 1x Torque Wrench (to prevent over tightening)

** 5.8GHz Airblade Antenna Set (LHCP) - VAS IBCRAZY

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