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This are LEFT hand circularly polarized antennas If you need RIGHT hand circularly polarized antennas please click here.   

New SpiroNET 5.8GHz circular polarized antenna from ImmersionRC and FatShark.?
    This set includes 2 Skew Planar Wheel left
-hand circular polarization.
    Unique design, not seen before in the FPV world. Far from the run of the mill 'basement production seen to date.
    Precision manufactured with very tight tolerances ?and 100% tested on a professional antenna tester (Rhode & Schwartz) to ensure maximum range and performance.
    Antenna uses a high quality semi-rigid cable, that can be bent to any angle and maintain its shape in any orientation.  
    Extra long cable on the 4-leaf Skew antenna to clear your head (which blocks 5.8GHz emissions) for goggle installation.?

    The custom radome does not affect the signal and protects the antenna from the occasional crash, or that oops moment when flying.?
    It come
with SMA connector (center pin) compatible with all FatShark/ImmersionRC 5.8GHz products sold to date.

Transmitter Clover weight: 7.6g 
Receiver Skew Planar Weight: 8.5g

The Spironet antennas works amazing with FPV582, FPV584 and FPV585 plug systems, however 2x RPSMA adapters is needed (for transmitter and receiver).

SpiroNet 5.8 GHz Antenna LHCP (SMA)

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