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If you want to hear what is going on with your aircraft during its flight and your FPV transmitter does not have microphone, then the TinyMic is what you need.
The TinyMic is a amplified microphone with adjustable volume level, compatible most A/V transmitters, and when combined with Plug and Play Conversion Cable, it will make a very easy and clean installation.
It can also be used many other audio applications too.



  • Sensitive condenser microphone

  • 20Hz to 10KHz frequency response

  • Adjustable volume range

  • Servo type connector

  • Operates on 5VDC to 15VDC

  • Current draw 12mA

  • Weight 2.7grams

  • Size  6mm x 15 mm


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  • Brand: HobbyWireless - USA/Various
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