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The Cobra Multirotor Speed Controllers are the newest revision of hardware from Cobra. Offering a significantly smaller footprint compared to the previous design. Additionally these are designed to be the perfect compliment to the Cobra Multirotor motors, or in reality paired with any brushless motor that needs a 30A ESC companion. These speed controllers use a proprietary firmware that is optimized for use in multirotors, and are able to accept refresh rates of up to 500 Hz from your flight controller board. Other than a quick throttle range calibration, they are set from the factory and typically do not require programming. 

The MR30-FPV is an Opto ESC, which will require an alternate power source to power your flight controller. 

- Plug and play operation
- High refresh rate (500Hz), to allow communication at lower looptimes
- BLHeli Firmware loaded; OneShot 125 capable
- Connectivity with Cobra USB Programmer
- Motor PWM Frequency set at 20Khz for a variety of motors
- Over Temp Protection: Shuts down the ESC output if temperature exceeds 230F (110C)

- Input Voltage:
2-4 cells, 2S-4S LiPo 
- Constant Current:
30 Amps 
- Burst Current:
35 Amps 
- Weight: 17g 
- Dimensions (LxWxH): 36x20x9mm (board dimensions) 
- Motor Wire: 90mm length, 18awg 
- Battery Wire:
85mm length, 16awg 
- Throttle Wire:
- BEC:

Cobra MR30 Mini FPV Speed Controller 30A ESC

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