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- 32 BIT Opto LITE is a small sized ESC which is special designed for drones
- No external electrolytic capacitor.
- Use STM32F051 48MHZ ARM 32-bit micro-processor and has 470uF capacity. Accurate speed control, high signal acquisition precision
- Fast throttle response, excellent linear.
- Compatible with many motors.
- Automatic detect if it is the ordinary remote control signal (PWM) 50-500Hz , One-Shot and Multi-shot signals.
- Synchronous rectification technology to increase the working efficiency of ESC.
- Regenerative braking, active brake makes the motor deceleration response increased significantly.
- Anti blocking protection. When motor or propeller is blocked by something, ESC will stop motor rotationimmediately to avoid damage to the motor. The motor will automatic start to rotate when detect there is no blocking.
- PWM output frequency is 24 KHz.
- Throttle resolution is about 1480 steps.
- Max. RPM: 450,000rolls (2 poles), 150,000rolls (6 poles), 75,000rolls (12 poles)

- Product Name: 30A-O-LITE
- Con.Current: 30A
- Peak Current(10s): 35A
- Lipo: 2-4s
- Programming card supported: YES
- Weight: 8.5g
- Size(PCB): 28*14*5mm
Package includes:
1 x FireFly OPTO Lite 30A ESC

V-good FireFly 30A OPTO Lite ESC 32 Bit ARM For RC Multirotors

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